NAGOYA REFORM STUDIO" is the design studio/workshop specialized in house reform.

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WE offer you new life style through the house reform.

our services

  • We provide you the secure house reform services by plans with details. 

    We think what is most important about house reform is the plan in advance. Over 90% of troubles about house reform is originatede from short of explanation for clients. If the planning is not sufficient, what clients get could be far from what they imagine. In house reform world, there are a lot of package services which are featured by low cost and are not focused on planning. And it makes a lot of troubles. In NAGOYA REFORM STUDIO, our staffs who are qualified focus on the planning with details. NAGOYA REFORM STUDIO offer you the new design and new life style.
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  • We are confident with what we can offer you.


    Would you make it real what you desire in your mind? NAGOYA REFORM STUDIO can offer you the image in which you can easily get in your mind. We work with our architects, outside-designer, illustrator, care-manager and so on.
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  • Low cost and high quality 


     In the world of the architecture, works done by too much low cost are likely to be resulted in failure after all. And those failures are caused by short of pre-study, short of plan, short of discussion, short of work plan, short of ability of manager, shortcut of procedures, short of inspection and so on. We do what we should do and avoid of what we should not do so that we can offer you low cost and high quality services.